Nov 03

Mi4-c CyanogenMod

A few days ago I bought a super Chinese brand Xiaomi phone. Smartphone for good money found on a Chinese shop, which I have very good reviews. Model processor Snapdragon 808 with 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM variation cost less than $ 100 – go to the shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

First Quadrocopter or Quadcopter?

Quadcopter, incorrectly called by traders drone, is a very popular device. Otherwise called czterowirnikowym helicopter or wielowirnikowcem. If you have 3 rotors called tricopterem, hexacopter have their 6 and oktacopter has until 8. The cheapest miniature toy to fly in the room cost less than 25 USD, while the price of the most expensive are counted in the thousands. Devices with the lowest priced allow priceless skills piloting this type of remotely controlled models.

What to choose?

Cheap quadcopter is still cheaper to service, which is inevitable when learning. I remember how much sacrifice required of me learning how to ride a bike without additional wheels. From piloting aircraft also I had contact only in computer simulation elements that will certainly change as gloves to propellers, engines less. When selecting a model suggested by the fact that he had as little frills. For this reason, avoiding solutions with plastic gears, which are weak and quickly worn. Webcams in the presence of such a small Droni is also an unnecessary expense. If you want to take pictures “of the air” needs to be larger machine. The money that we would have to pay extra for a model with a webcam that’s easy to get lost in the bushes better used in any other manner, or put on your account. Useful to building greater multicopter that will make beautiful shots of the area.

In the country or abroad?

Shopping in Poland seem to be reliable, but are usually much more expensive. Some stores abroad with larger purchases offer free shipping recorded, and the program itself Buyer Protection PayPal works much more efficiently than its Polish counterpart. I decided to purchase the recommended in many forums online store Another interesting place is the FastTech, where we find a lot of LiPo batteries and traditional NiMH batteries. Your feedback is very helpful in choosing the good cells as miserable counterfeits is missing.
Here is what I bought:


At the moment, I look forward to taking delivery of learning to pilot.

Feb 01

ESP8266 – introduction

In our daily lives more boldly enter the device which not only have an electronic controller to a microcontroller. Increasingly, equipment that is in the house to use all dormant in the opportunities requires access to the Internet. This type of tendency is referred to as the Internet of Things (ang. Internet of Things – IoT).

Nov 24

Electronic components tester

I present to you a tester of electronic components. It is designed by Markus F., and the plate was made according to the project located on To display the result was used display removed from the damaged Fax Panasonic. Clover Display Display Ltd. M235 v4.1 is compatible with Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

USBtinyISP – Inexpensive USB AVR Programmer

Everywhere in our lives USB connector forcing us to stop using devices based on COM and LPT ports. Therefore, more and more projects just works with USB. On the electrode appeared to have a lot of this type of construction, however, I would be proud of his own, because of the excellent adaptation of housing that I have acquired, together with a poor programmer using the “Buy Now!”. It was a programmer AVR ISP, which had the plug converter circuit on a chip ARK3116S. Everything would be OK, but for some unknown reason I often drove to bluescreen on not only my computer. Fortunately, with the help of its built USBasp.

Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 25

Simplified superheterodyne receiver “JOLA”

It is not a matter of chance that virtually all receivers transistor working in the system with frequency conversion. They decide superheterodyne advantages: good selectivity, high sensitivity and simple operation. Radio amateurs, fearing difficulties in the calculation of LC elements of the conversion rate and frequency tuning resonant circuits, usually assemble receivers with reinforcement direct

Receivers such little selective and very capricious in operation, do not provide good reception at the prevailing today, the piston in the “ether” .For the launch of the receiver will need a multimeter, voltmeter and signal generator, or in his absence the receiver factory production, properly tuned. In order to make the built receiver resigned from the midrange frequency. Also, a small amplifier has been modified.

Stage I

The transistor T1 in the input stage full three functions: functions as a repeater radio frequency heterodyne frequency and degree of conversion. As the high-frequency amplifier operates in common emitter and a heterodyne – in a common database. The input circuit is wound on a ferrite rod according to the figure. Winding b should be 1/10 to 1/15 of winding turns a. Voltage base is stabilized. Local generator (heterodyne) operates in a feedback between the collector and emitter. In order to reduce the attenuation of the input circuit is coupled to the emitter tap inductor vibrations. Unhook coil L6 allows you to adjust the resistance of the resonant circuit to stop the input transistor T1. The collector coil winding is connected in series with the first intermediate frequency filter. Intermediate frequency can be for example 465kHz. In order to separate the DC emitter is connected to the coil through a capacitor. The resistors R1, R2, R3, R4 form a stabilizing system operating point of the transistor T1, freeing it to a large extent of temperature changes. 200pF capacitor serves to reduce the capacitance of the variable capacitor in the oscillator circuit. In order to increase the stability of the heterodyne coil wound on the body. It does not apply to automatic gain control input stage (ARW), as it would cause change in the oscillation frequency heterodyne, or change the position of the station on the tracks. To compensate for the amplitude of the heterodyne over all wavelengths can be in series with a capacitor 3NF enable a damping resistor 50 to a resistance of 200Ω.

Stage II – intermediate frequency amplifier detector AM

Intermediate frequency amplifier amplifies the output of the mixer, and improves the selectivity of the receiver. Intermediate frequency filter F1 included in the collector circuit T1 in series with the coil L5 of the oscillator. Next transistor (T2) acts as an amplifier .. IF signal formed in the winding L8 matching filter F1 reaches the base of the transistor T2. After amplification the signal is emitted in the second IF filter F2. Winding L10 of this filter is included diode detector D1. The resulting demodulation signal has a frequency of sound is routed via a resistor R16 to the input of the audio amplifier. The operating point of the transistor T2 is fixed and stabilized in the same way as the transistor T1.

Stage III – audio amplifier

Low frequency amplifier formed on the integrated circuit UL1497, which has sufficient power and simplifies construction. The system is unfortunately not produced and difficult to access. If you want to use another amplifier, you must redesign the plate.
construction description
The receiver built in three stages, starting from the amplifier .. The next block is an intermediate frequency amplifier composed of two filters and a detector diode (LED Blade Germanos). The entire assembled circuit tuned to a contractual intermediate frequency of 465kHz through a combination of factory receiver. Pre-stage consists of a difficult to obtain, which is the tuning capacitor. Instead, we can solder a fixed capacitor in parallel with a smaller trimmer (approx. 30pF) to fine tune. In order to eliminate skin effect, all the coil is wound well Litz, or copper strand braided silk. (54.8 KiB, 139 hits)